Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward

Ok, ok I know that they new year starts tomorrow, but, for me and Zippy it feels like today is the beginning of the new year.  That is because today starts a brand new day for us in homeschooling.  We are starting a whole new course of study. 

I took a hard look at where we are.  Here is the truth, I was trying to make her perform - or catch up to - where others say she is supposed to be performing.  She was in sixth grade last year so she should be doing seventh grade this year, right?  The answer is definitely no.  She is working at a sixth grade level this year and in some subjects even lower.  When we put her in school, her birthday was two days before the cut off date, so she would either be the youngest in her grade or we could hold her back and she would be the oldest.  We took a little bit of a gamble and put her in young.  I always had it in the back of my mind that I had a year of grace. 

The year of grace is here.  This is it.  The beginning of this year was an adjustment period.  Her adjustment and mine.  We know what we need to do.  We know where we need to go.  We are going to focus on those things that are necessary: reading, writing, spelling, math.  The other things, science, social studies, and specials will find a place within the framework.

Here is the plan

Spelling - All About Spelling
Reading - Using the novel Worldwalk by Steven Newman, we will work on comprehension with questions, and fluency by practice.  There is also a big geography component to this book that we will be using as well.
English/Grammar/Writing - I am putting together a straight forward "boot camp" approach to bring her up to where she needs to be, I'm calling it a Language Lab. 
Math - Time4Learning - 6th grade -
Science - Apologia, and Handbook of Nature Study with the direction of the Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Challenges from the Handbook of Nature blog {because, frankly, we need to get out of the house once a week}. 
Social Studies - This Day in History by Schoolhouse Teachers.  She will be starting an index card timeline. 

Well that is it.  The Plan.  Not completely set in stone, but a good starting place.  I am letting go of the stress of the judgement and expectation of others.  From here, this new starting place, this beginning, of the year, of the plan, from here we can move forward with purpose.   

What plans do you have for the New Year?  Any change ups for the second half of the school year?  I love comments.  Leave one and let me know what are your plans.


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