Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Possibilities At Home

Here is a super-duper big list of possible things to do this summer.     

Find  (and photograph) things that start with every letter of the alphabet.  Make a book?

Water Balloons

Make oobleck

Make "play dough" 

Gather and paint pet rocks

Make an appreciation card for someone

Find Shapes in the clouds

Create a water relay with household items

Create a family crest or flag

Build things with toothpicks and mini marshmallows

Story Cubes

Jump Rope


Sidewalk Chalk


Make a day in the life picture book or video

Make a 52 things I like about you book.  (or maybe just 5).

Create a diorama

Make fingerprint art or fingerprint art

Make an ATC or a set - trade them.

Sew a beanbag

Play a beanbag game.

Cross stitch your name.

Weave a pot holder

Make a braided headband 

Bake a cake

Make a no-sew, t-shirt market bag.

Make a bookmark

Make a woven bracelet

Make a stamp

Make a paper basket

Go on a scavenger hunt

Go on a neighborhood photo scavenger hunt.

Make pinhole art, use a coloring book as a template.

Paint Trees

Lay on your back and watch the clouds

Make a paper chain - write things you are thankful for on each link.

Make paper from recycled paper

Shrinky Dinks

Make fabric flowers 

Do an experiment 

Sew an apron

Create a city from a cardboard box

Sun Print Paper

Silly Putty


Hot Rock Art

Book Exchange Party

Melty Crayon Art 

Build an indoor fort

Play hopscotch

Color wall

Make a Park Passport.  

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