Saturday, June 30, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Summer edition

First let me just say...I'm still getting used to the idea of being a "homeschool mother" again.

In My Life This Week

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Sleep. I'm trying so very hard to wean myself off of caffeine.  Now that it is getting out of my system I am so irritable, headachy, and tired.  I am hoping that a few days of judicious napping will set me to rights. 

In Our Homeschool This Week

Not really homeschooling yet.  But on top of everything else, I don't want to deal with a lot of summer slide come September.  So Zippy is working on a little Math, a little writing.  I'm also encouraging her to schedule her week.  She has been very successful at doing that.  I really like it because it gives her a little independence.  I hope that training her to do this with just a few things will translate into the ability to juggle her schoolwork this school year. 

The Little Dude is not going to be homeschooled this Fall.  I figured that I can either do pre-school or middle school, but both is beyond me.  This summer I wanted to give him some fun/educational structured activities.  Nothing too big, just a few minutes a day.  I have themes planned out for the whole summer.  {Stay tuned for full lesson plans}  This week was the ocean/beach theme.  The kids - both of them - had a super fun time playing in the sensory bin.

Things I'm Working On

Zippy's curriculum!  I think I have it all together and then something happens and I change it all again.   I did order We Choose Virtues and plan to start that sooner rather than later.  Other than that it is all up in the air.

Things I'm Praying About

 I saw this picture on Facebook last week.  It just really hit me.  The military isn't something that I generally dwell on.  Aside from saying a prayer on Sunday at church for those in our congregation that are deployed it just doesn't cross my mind.  So when I am tempted to complain about the heat, I am praying for those who have so much more than heat to worry about.

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Zippy is cooking dinner once a week.

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  1. Dinner looks wonderful! ;) Great job! Hope you have a wonderful week

  2. I just love what you are doing with your kids. :) You inspire me!


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