Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Our House

This lovely structure was built in the 1930s.  It is a brick one and a half story bungalow.  There are two bedrooms, one and half baths, a living/dining area, a kitchen, basement, enclosed porch another room that doesn’t really have a designation, it has been the TV room, office and at the moment is masquerading as my studio.  As for the outdoors, yes, well, there is an outdoors.  

I love watching those design TV shows where the intrepid designer makes his/her way to a shabby  little space that is, magically, in a half hour, transformed into something greater than the homeowner could ever imagine.  It makes a great story.  But here is the behind the scenes secret: it takes more than just a half hour and some good ideas.  It takes money, time and effort and sometimes the process breaks down.  That is what happened in our house. 

Living here for ten years, we built up quite an accumulation.  When people dwell, they accumulate things; papers, toys, books, craft supplies, clothes and stuff.   We also have grown used to the house and with those things that work, more or less, unfinished projects and permanent temporary fixes.  Over time it has become overstuffed, overgrown and underloved. But I have a plan to change all that.

It took a long time to get to this point.  This is not a young house. It is an old house with quirks, charm and oh the possibilities.  I am looking at this old space with new eyes and I am excited about what the future may hold.   

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