Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apple Picking

Apple season lasts from the middle of September through the beginning of November.  Prices of apples vary according to the orchard, generally they are less expensive, not to mention a lot fresher.  We like to pick apples around the end of September/beginning of October.  Apparently, we are not the only Detroit area family who thinks so...
  Why yes that is the line for the store, where they sell apples, cider, doughnuts and other apple-y stuff.  The to get bags for the u-pick was just about as long.  While the hubs waited in line I took the kids off to have some photo fun.

My favorite part of any apple picking trip is taking the wagon out into the orchard.  It is not a hay wagon (that always makes me sneeze), but has nice seats pulled behind a tractor.

Little Dude was squished between us.  He thought it was a novel way to travel.  Zippy struck a pose. (on a complete side note: I think an apple orchard would be a great place for a photo shoot)

In the orchard the overcrowded feeling abated.  The whole family had a great time picking the apples to put in our bag. 

The best (for the tree) and easiest way to pick an apple is to twist, twist, twist it until it comes off.

We had a great time.  Now comes the best part, figuring out all the yummy apple dishes to make.

Our favorite orchard is Erwin Orchard.  If you are looking for an orchard near you Orange Pippin has a great directory. 

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  1. We love picking at Erwins too! For the exact same reasons!


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