Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Possibilities and Abundance

When I chose the name of this blog Possibilities and Peas, it wasn't just that it sounded nifty, but we were at a place of choice, transition and healing.  We had hopped off the path we were on and so many different trails lay before us, so many possibilities.  I knew it was possible that we would be a homeschooling family, a frugal family, a diy family, a crafty family, a traveling family, or not.  All of those things went into the name of this blog.  In the end I decided this needed to be a place to record our homeschool journey.

When it was decided that Zippy would return to school and the homeschool journey ended, I started pondering the future of the blog.  I quickly came up with a new tag line: Living Life. Abundantly.   The rationale was: peas::garden::abundance.  But truly it was a reflection of things that were hanging out in the back of my brain.  This week it all coalesced and now I understand.  Let me try to explain.

For the past eleven years I have been living in a pit.  I blamed and lamented: I am trapped in this State, city, house, family, financial situation, relationship, without a car or means of escape, oh woe, woe, woe is me.  This engulfed me, consumed me. I became more and more negative, complaining and unhappy.  I couldn't see the abundance of blessings around me, but God is good and He never lets us go, even when we are in a pit of despair. Then, in the past two weeks things started to happen, gears ground into motion and several seemingly unrelated, unimportant events helped me to understand a very important lesson.

Two weeks ago I was unable to attend church.  Church in general and worship in particular has been an absolute life line for me in the past few years.  When I can't attend church I make an effort to engage in "church" in some other way.  Two weeks ago I decided to listen to a sermon by Joel Osteen called "Mountain Moving Faith (#478)".  Like a laser beam between the eyes the knowledge impacted me. I am the child of God.  My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).  There is no problem, no situation, no pit that is too deep or too desperate to escape with His power.   

Last week I was trolling around the internet with the idea of finding inspiration from other bloggers about what I want for this blog.  I came across Not Just Another Housewife.  I enjoyed looking at her lovely DIY projects and then I found her blogging story.  I was inspired and encouraged. The one thing that stood out like a neon sign on a foggy night was the statement "I have said from the beginning that I won’t do anything that I wasn’t already planning on doing. What I mean by that is: I won’t make something up just so I have something to blog about.Could it be that simple?  That list, that five mile long list of things I want to do, places I want to see, changes I want to make.  That could be my blog?  That could be my blog.

That is how it  all came together for me what this blog, what my life needs to be about.  I am so blessed with abundance: children, a loving husband, a house and the creativity to make it all work.  That is what this blog is going to be: a positive, affirming place that celebrates family and home.  Oh the possibilities the future will hold.


  1. Wonderful insights, Holly. God opened your heart... and mine... and let us see the world around us with spiritually-enlightened eyes.

    Thanks be to God!

  2. Hi Holly! I am excited to read more from you! Blogging is such a journey, and so is life with Jesus, I think they go together. ;) http://www.sharingthepagesoflife.com


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