Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Planner Page

I looked high and low for a planner to help me get it all together.  A place to organize all the different areas of my life in one place.  I felt a little like the Prince searching for Cinderella trying on all sorts of organization plans, but not finding one that truly fit perfectly.  So I've decided to come up with one of my own.  This daily planner page is the heart of my organizing system.  It combines everything I do, homekeeping, family activities, blogging, and business all in one place.  I simply look at this page and completely understand what needs to be done in the day.  That is a big help in eliminating stress and overwhelm.  Now that I made the perfect planner for myself, I also wanted to share it with all my lovely readers. 

Here are two pdf files to download:
My daily planner page
Blank daily planner page

So lets take a little tour to see how it all works.

There is something so grounding about recording the date and the day.  I think this is especially important for people who operate outside of a structured system, like a job or school. 

Confession time: I really like to check things off a list.  It is so satisfying   This is my daily list. Things I do every day.  There are homekeeping, business, and blogging items to check off.

The blank line after blog, project and dinner allow me to put in a reminder of what I planned to do for each of those things.

Projects are an easy way to break down and categorize all the many things that I do.  A project could be going through the children's clothing for a garage sale, updating the graphics on the website, or working on a new piece for my Etsy shop

 The top three are the three most important things that I want to get done in a day.  If I get nothing else done I get these three things done.  This really lets me to feel productive and gives me a tool to prioritize the to do list.

The "To Do" list is a place to write down all those things, well, to do.

The appointments section helps me keep track where everyone needs to be.  Often it will contain meetings, sporting events, and parties.  I also use it to remember online events like Twitter parties and link ups. 

Fitness is important and can fall through the cracks of a busy day.  The fitness section reminds me to drink water throughout the day (remember, I really like to check off boxes) and to find the time to do some exercise.

I hope that this daily planner page will help you as much as it has helped me.

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