Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The cooking lessons continue and this one was a learning experience for both Zippy and me. 

Every so often we go out to breakfast with my husband's grandfather.  I often order crepes, specifically yogurt crepes.  So last Saturday we were eating breakfast at the resteraunt and Zippy was contemplating what she wanted to learn to cook next and the husband suggested crepes.  Now I thought this was a bad idea because crepes are complicated, French cuisine, but my husband assured me that crepes were just skinny pancakes. So we gave it a try.

We used this recipe, and it came out remarkably good.   

Rolling the batter around the pan 
The finished product
With blueberry yogurt and bananas - YUM!


  1. Those look really great for first attempt at crepes. They are normally fairly difficult as you have to get them really thin, but not so thin that you can't flip them. What a great cooking activity! I learned to cook by baking bread, but would've loved this.

  2. I am so darn impressed! Really I am. Tell Zippy that she can make me them anytime! :) Just love that girl! <3


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