Thursday, May 5, 2011

And now for something completely different...again

Since pulling Zippy out of regular school in January we have tried a half dozen ways to make learning, well, easier.  Through that time I made some observations:
  1. Zippy needs a visually quiet, noise-free, distraction free place to work.
  2. Zippy needs containers of time to work.  Small bites of time and information to help her focus.
  3. Zippy need concentrated one on one time to do her best work.
  4. Little Dude makes all of the above virtually impossible.
 Starting today we are, again, going to make some changes.  I know, and feel bad that Zippy feels like her life is turned topsy turvy.   I hope that this change will make a difference.  We are going to wake in the wee hours of the morning (ok, not that wee, but a few hours before the Little Dude arises, fortunately he is a late sleeper).  We are going to do the intensive one-on-one Spelling, Grammar and Math.  Then, I hope that Zippy will have some time to do her written work for Grammar and Math.   Then in the evening we can do reading.  We will do a week of focus on history or science using more of a lapbook/notebook/art journal approach {this is still in the thinking stages, but will post when I get it all worked out}.   I hope this is the last change we will have to make for a while. 

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