Monday, March 7, 2011

Saving Grocery Shopping

When I decided to homeschool it was necessary to quit my job. This means that I am much more aware of spending and trying to be more frugal. This weekly topic will cover some of the things that make meeting ends easier. 

5 Simple Things  to get the most out of your Grocery trip.
Some people love shopping.  Some people don't.  Grocery shopping can be a trying, crazy-making, money sucking experience, or it can be a quick, productive errand. Here are five money saving tips that I use to make the most of my grocery shopping trip. 
  • Make a list.  Then just buy what is on the list.  List making helps me to focus on what it is I need for my meals for that week.  Planning saves money.  I look at the sales circular and plan meals ahead of time, then making a list of those necessary or sales items.  It is hard to see that box of whatever when on a mission to find the next item on the list.
  • Go alone. Grocery shopping is one of the times that I get to be by myself.  I love the kiddos and husband, but the grocery shopping is not family time.  Kids can be distracting, wanting, asking, needing, crying.  The husband too, has his own ideas about what we should be buying.  The result: more stress, more groceries, and more money spent.
  • Go Full. That bag of Cheetos or that box of brownies will look less appealing when the stomach isn't doing the shopping.  Hunger is a focus-buster and will make every ready to eat, boxed, and easy to make, high priced food look that much more appealing.  When hunger does the shopping, more  food ends up in the cart.
  • Take Cash.  Leave the credit/debit card at home.  This is a big one.  Stick to a grocery budget and bring cash only.  If the money isn't there you can't spend it.  Simple.
  • Go on a weekday. Every mother and their brother go to the grocery store on Saturday and Sunday.  They are looking for the same great deals you are.  I have found specials bought out and bare shelves more often (at one grocery I go to this happens almost every time I go on a weekend).  It also takes more time to navigate crowds and stand in long lines.  The bottom line: if you can, go on a weekday.

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