Sunday, July 3, 2016

A week without the girl

Ivy left for a week long mission trip in Chicago with some pretty stupendous people.

  She spent the week helping to fix houses, she specifically spent most of her time helping to build a fence.

Meanwhile little Liam had to spend all week without big sister.  I cannot express how much he missed her.  We daily went over how many days were in a week, how many days she had been gone and how many days until she got back.  Not that he spent the time twiddling his thumbs. 

We worked on school, we went lots of places including Grandma's house, the grocery, even Jungle Java, a fun indoor play area. He started summer speech, which he loves.  I got a box of curriculum books, thus a super fun box and paper to play with.  He even looked through the microscope, a totally self-directed activity.  He wanted to look at a dollar bill, then a flower petal, then a leaf, then he wanted to see what crayon on paper looked like under the scope.  Seriously, he spend more than an hour looking at all kinds of things.

Well Ivy finally came home.
We had a lovely reunion over spaghetti where she told us all about her time in Chicago.

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