Thursday, May 22, 2014

An American Heritage Girl

I am so proud of Zippy, my American Heritage Girl.  Last Tuesday was her last regular meeting and award ceremony.  It took me a year but I finally think that I get what being in a scouting organization is all about.

She earned on regular badge, internet adventure (as part of that badge she did some work for me right here on the blog including her own about page) and she got a patch for participating in the pen pal program.  She did nineteen hours of community service, they get a star for every ten that they accomplish.  Her whole troop logged over 700 hours of service.  I was impressed.  Because of all that service whole troop was eligible for the Hug Award.  Lastly one of the young women set out to do a service project to sew dresses for the Dress a Girl organization.  They sewed a bunch!  Zippy made almost an entire dress by herself, as most of the older girls did. Every single girl in the whole troop from from the littlest on up helped in some way so everyone got a patch for that too.

In the spring the troop sells and delivers mulch.  I stink at selling I stink at encouraging my kids to sell.  But I can help deliver.  So last Saturday we spent the morning slinging mulch.  Zippy was a great worker and the Little Dude was very patient.  He wanted to help so much, but most of the bags were as big as he was.

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  1. I've been thinking about putting my kids in Trail Life and American Heritage Girls. I'm just not sure I have the energy to do another thing.


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