Monday, July 2, 2012

Tot Time: Oceans and Beaches

A Week's worth of educational fun with Ocean and Beaches

{I planned a whole week's worth of fun, we actually only did some.  I'm including the links to the activities that we didn't do as well as photos of the activities that we did}

Sensory Bin:

  • Play Sand
  • Flattened glass marbles 
  • A couple of pieces of landscaping glass (not sharp
  • Shells
  • Sand toys (a rake and a fish mold)
  • a bucket of water
The sensory bin started out so lovely.  The water and sand quickly turned it into a muddy mess...that the kids loved.  Both of them had fun with it all week.  I let the Little Dude play with it alone on Friday while Zippy was at the library reading program.  He spent probably 45 minutes playing, sorting and just enjoying the feeling of the cool water/sand on his hands (we've been averaging temps in the 90s this week and this is definitely and outdoor sensory bin).


Day 1: Counting Shells

Day 2: Wave Bottle

Day 3: Matching Ocean Animals

Day 4: How Many Animals in the Sea (counting)


Sand Play Dough
Ocean Play Dough (the blue one) 

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